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Labyrinth Art
For many years, artists have drawn inspiration from the theme of the labyrinth.

If you are looking for labyrinth inspired artwork and installations, consider these choices...

Therese Dale



PO Box 6027, High River, AB, Canada

Telephone: 403 601-0348

I paint images of sacred geometry, labyrinths, and medicine wheels with hand ground paints made from gems, ochres, and stones. My artwork speaks of the interconnectedness of all life.

Labyrinth Arts



Telephone: 404-434-4695

Labyrinth Arts offers labyrinths and accessories made from wood, clear cast resin, cold cast bronze, and glass by artisans living in north Georgia and North Carolina. May these finger labyrinths open you to the mystery where feelings, longings, joys and sorrow find acceptance, understanding and transformation.


Labyrinths in Stone



211 Windham Circle, Yorksville, IL 60560, USA

Telephone: 630-553-5305

Labyrinths have found their way... into all types of our creative artistic energy. We incorporate sacred geometry into our labyrinths, fine art canvas paintings and limestone sculptures.


SageBrush Exchange - Toby Evans



1316 N Holly Rd., Sibley, MO 64088, USA

Telephone: 816-305-6916

Soul Art By Toby Evans: Chakra Labyrinth Angels - Seven unique angel plaques designed for each turn in a Classical labyrinth, or they can hang anywhere. Created with gypsum-based polymer, handpainted and coated with resin. Purchase individually or as a set.

Labyrinth Art